Welcome To The Flowering Farmhouse

Have you been wanting to grow your own cut flower garden? If so, you've come to the right place! We've designed a series of cut flower gardening courses to help you grow more blooms in your own yard!

Cut Flower Gardening Courses

Learn How To Grow & Harvest Cut Flowers From Your Own Yard

Whether you have a small patio with flower pots or you have a large backyard, you too can grow your own flowers! There's just something so magical about being able to grow your own flowers. From planting a small seed to harvesting buckets of blooms, flowers bring so much joy to our lives! I hope you'll join me, Jennifer Gulizia of The Flowering Farmhouse for our cut flower courses. I'm excited to help you grow the garden of your dreams!

Meet Your Course Instructor

Jennifer Gulizia

Jennifer Gulizia of The Flowering Farmhouse is a local flower farmer who loves to share her knowledge of growing flowers! Jennifer is passionate about growing local flowers and wants to help you be able to grow and harvest your own backyard blooms!

Available Cut Flower Courses

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